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Based in Manhattan, I make a living through a career in advertising.  It's sort of like Mad Men, but with slightly less inebriation.  When I'm not strategizing ad campaigns, you can find me with my nose in a book, doodling unsuspecting strangers on the subway, or laying paint on a canvas (and my clothes).

I happily subsist on too much coffee and too little sleep.  I'm drawn to hazy skies, minor keys, and classical realism.  One of my favorite city pastimes is scouring The Strand for auction catalogs and vintage romance novel art, and refusing to “KonMari” the absurd stack I inevitably schlep to checkout. Above all else, I believe in hard work and never settling

In short, I'm a freelance artist available for hire.  I'm happy to talk long-term partnerships or one-off professional commissions.  Give me a ring or drop me a line.  I'd love for us to work together.

Studio Portrait